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Expert Safety Witness 


Dr. Thomas G. Carpenter


Farm, Consumer & Construction Machinery Accidents

Plaintiff and Defendant



As an Agricultural Engineer, Dr. Carpenter has worked part-time for more than 26 years as an agricultural safety consultant and expert witness analyzing and testifying relative to personal injuries and deaths resulting from outdoor power equipment, industrial machinery and equipment, consumer power tools and a full range of farm related accidents. This includes the following:


Failures to properly warn of hazards and dangers.

Tractor upsets relative to stability, dynamics, hitching and use of roll-over protective structures (ROPS) and seat belts.

Highway accidents involving farm tractors and equipment relative to improper marking and lighting including on road failures due to defective designs and negligent operational procedures.

Tractor and machinery run over due to design failures and negligent operational procedures.

Improper guarding and design of driveline and power transfer components, including tractor PTO`s, augers, feed conveying equipment, feeder-mixer wagons, post hole diggers and brush shredders.

Grain bin suffocations

Grain bin and silo ladder design.

Electrocutions relative to machinery and structures design and electrical distribution systems.

Design, guarding, warning and operational procedures for a variety of power saws and wood working equipment.

Design, guarding, warning and operational procedures for various lawn and garden equipment including; power lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, riding lawnmowers, lawn tractors, brush cutters, rototillers and chipper/shredders.

Forklift truck design, training and operational procedures.

Pesticide, fertilizers and NH4 equipment design, application methods and operational procedures.

Educational workshop methods and procedures relative to proper instruction and student operations in school.

Animal confinement relative to proper fencing and related highway accidents.
Hydraulic systems design and operation relative to safety.


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